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Published and promoted by Georgia Mckinley Fitch, c/o DLP, PO Box 5528, Hove, BN52 9PQ.

Thank you to everyone who voted for me.

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1. Why do you want to be a councillor? 

Over the past 2 decades the city’s residents and particularly those in Portslade have suffered the incompetence and arrogance of administrations run by all 3 major parties, resulting in a current council that has turned from the provider of basic services into a dictatorial authority, more concerned with controlling our behaviour with stealth taxation without representation. 

 I would love the opportunity to bring Direct Democracy to our council to ensure  residents and elected councillors can collaborate on all big decisions.

2. Why do you want to stand in this ward?

South Portslade, is a place I hold close to my heart. I have grown up and lived in the area my whole life and work in the ward too, therefore I would love to ensure a positive future for Portslade and its residents. 

3. What are the key issues specific to this ward? 

The proposed closure of St Peter’s would be detrimental to the local area, creating unnecessary stress for parents and children alike. 

I see no logic in moving more families into the area with new developments whilst simultaneously, taking away vital community resources, such as schools. Not to mention that the proposed plans for new developments are monolithic and would ruin the pretty Portslade we know and love. And

4. Will you toe the party line or will they go with what the community wants and stick with it regardless?

My party believes that politics has no place in local government, it does not operate a whip. Residents’ interest will always come first, based on common sense and value for money. If elected I would be the first advocate of Direct Democracy in our Town Hall and I would use every opportunity to push for this empowering system to be enshrined into our council’s constitution. 

5. Will you listen to council Officers opinions and advice but still go with what you have heard the community ask for?

Of course I will listen to recommendations, but I shall question the logic of proposals from officers. Since all council projects and services have to be funded by residents, through council tax, I shall seek value for every penny, as if it were my money. 

I truly believe that all projects should be for the benefit of residents and not needless vanity projects that massage the egos of politicians and line the pockets of greedy developers. 

6. How do you want to make South Portslade a better place 

As someone who works on Station Road I would love our neglected high street to get some much needed TLC. 

Portslade is the oldest settlement in this city dating back to Roman times, this is something that doesn’t receive the due respect from our Town Hall it deserves. Our history is something that should be cherished- which is why I believe it’s high time we had our own museum to capitalise on this rich history. 

7. How will you deal with the problems faced by residents with regard to missed refuse and recycling collections?

I would take a very robust and hands on approach with the relevant Council Officers in charge of these departments.

If we owe any council tax we are threatened with bailiffs, so effectively we are paying for services which are not being provided; were our council to be a private concern we would have right of redress plus compensation. This is tantamount to taking our money under false pretences. 

8. What are your plans to engage with the community if elected?

Monthly surgeries would be the first obvious answer, and unlike most councillors I will be contactable by phone and email. My aim is to be both helpful and approachable.

9. What are your views on the proposed closure of St Peter's Community Primary School?

Populations of all age groups fluctuate from time to time, but is this any reason to  close a school?  Have they considered mothballing classrooms, to make savings, rather than the complete closure of this  community asset- because when the school age population rises again- which it will in the future - where will we find the land to build another school. When such is the case classrooms can be reopened and  teachers re-employed. Once an asset has gone IT’S GONE!

10. How will you ensure the results of consultations about St Peter's will reflect the community's decisions rather than council officers' recommendations.

If elected my pledge to my electors will be that I will resist to the utmost, with every means at my disposal, this cruel and wicked proposal!

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